Advanced Awning Cleaning

FAQ's of awning care

The seven most asked questions about our services

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1) Do you pressure wash?

  • AWNINGS SHOULD NEVER BE PRESSURE WASHED, whether vinyl or canvas. Pressure washing can scar the fabric, or rip the fabric. Awning companies will void out the warranty with the pressure washing of their product.

2) How do we clean your awning?

  • Quality awning Care cleans your awning the way the manufacturers of your awning want it done."HAND CLEANING". We have 15 years and thousands of hours of cleaning and sealing every type of industrial fabric on the commercial market. That includes boat covers, bimini tops and even hazmat suits for Boeing. After our deep cleaning we apply the proper sealant for your particular fabric.

3) What is the purpose of the sealants?

  • The sealants create a chemical barrier between the fabric and the environment that protects the awning from the sun, rain,dirt and runoff from being in all types of weather. IT can literally keep the awning look like new as long as the awning is properly maintained. The sealant that we use for canvas awnings is the only approved product by the Sunbrella Corporation. For vinyl awnings the sealant has color enhancers,a high gloss finish,and puts plasticizers back into the fabric.

4) Awning restoration..

  • Quality Awning Care, is to our knowledge the only company on the west coast that has the knowledge to restore your old awning and bringing it back to life at a fraction of the cost of replacing. We DO:
    • Re-colorizing
    • Color changes
    • Repair work and minor repairs

5) How long should my awning last?

  • Awnings should last for some period of time depending on how it has been maintained, exposure to the weather and building run-off. That is why maintenance is so important. With that in mind, we have seen awnings last 15 to 17 years.

6) How often should i have awning cleaned and maintained?

  • At the minimum,your awning should be cleaned and sealed at least once a year. It is very common to have quarterly and half year maintenance on your awnings.

7) How much does it cost?

  • WE give a free estimate to each job. Each building can vary greatly, so can each awning.